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"Courtney's designs are just AMAZING! She made a layout for me the way I pictured it to turn out. Her designing skills are phenomenal."

"Courtney's designs are just Fantastic, She has made me a few layouts which I have been extremely happy with and she is very quick. Courtney has amazing design skills."

“I recommend and give my support for Courtney of [Autumn Sky Designs]. She’s swift in keeping contact with you and in the overall design process, very kind and courteous if you need additional assistance with your order and the final product left me without a single complaint! I will be ordering from her frequently from now on and I implore anyone interested in a well-priced and well-made design to do the same.”

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  • 01. andrea - preview sent
  • 02. Britt - preview sent
  • 03. Meghan - coding
  • 04. J.D. - working on

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Win a FREE Premade Theme!

Hey all! So, I’m taking a couple weeks off of orders to work on some of my own sites, as well as putting together some new premade themes, as the old ones are a bit old and my designing (espeically wordpress coding) has changed a lot since I made those. I’m looking to create some […]

New Years Special Deal!

I had originally planned to do a Christmas deal, but I ran out of time and I can’t really work on orders until after the New Year anyways… So that means now I am doing a New Year’s Special Deal! Below are the offers you can take advantage of: One free Coppermine theme after the […]

Orders Are Closed

All 10 spots have been filled for the Special Summer Deal, so I am no longer accepting. I’ve been working on them a bit quicker than normal, so once I complete these, I will most likely re-open the deal for another 10 spots

Still Accepting!

Hey everyone, read about the Super Summer Deal here, and know I’m still accepting! Put in your design order today to take advantage of this great deal!

Special Summer Deal

Orders are now open again, I will be taking on 10 orders because of this Special Summer Deal, so the wait time for your order may be up to a week delayed more than usual. Fan Sites Network hostees will get 50% off any WordPress or Coppermine theme as well as any combo package! Anyone […]

50% Off Orders

There are still currently 4 spots open for 50% off your order! Although the free themes were only for single theme orders, the 50% off can be ANYTHING including combo packs!

Grand Opening!

Hello and welcome to Autumn Sky Designs! I strive to give you great, high quality work for a reasonable and affordable price! I offer WordPress themes, PHP/HTML templates, Coppermine Gallery themes, and much more! As a grand opening special, the first 5 people to send in an order for any single (as in, no combo […]